A Financial Innovation.

Lending Club is a consumer loan origination and investment platform. Since inception we have originated nearly $516,000,000 in loans to prime credit borrowers. Our borrowers obtain loans at terms they find more attractive than those offered by their traditional bank or credit cards. Loans are funded by investors, circumventing the cost and complexity of traditional banking and cutting down intermediation costs.

What are Prime Consumer Notes?

Prime Consumer Notes are fixed-income investments that generate monthly cash flow in the form of payments of principal and interest. Generally, investors choose to invest in hundreds or thousands of Notes to diversify and benefit from more predictable performance. Notes are graded A1 through G5 and carry an interest rate commensurate with their risks, so you can build a portfolio that fits your investment objectives.

Quality Borrowers.

We approve fewer than 10% of the loan applications, based on stringent credit criteria designed to focus on the most creditworthy borrowers. The majority of our members use the loans to pay off high interest rate loans, most often credit card debt. As of February 10, 2012, the average Lending Club borrower shows the following characteristics:

• 715 FICO score

• 13.3% debt-to-income ratio (excluding mortgage)

• 14.9 years of credit history

• $69,616 personal income (top 10% of US population)2

• Average Loan Size: $10,529

Monthly Cash Flow.

Investors receive monthly cash payments of principal and interest. For example, if you invested $100,000 in 36- month, grade C Notes providing an aggregate 9.5% net annualized return, you would receive approximately $3,200 each month in cash payments to reinvest or withdraw.